Resilience Business Limited

How do we make it work?

With all assignments, by a flexible approach which is paramount to the Resilience Business way of working.

Strategy/Risk Review

By an initial review to assess the role of security in the strategic direction of your company, followed by a risk assessment process which will identify any areas of business where security risk mitigation measures are necessary.

Security Audit

By carrying out audits not just at key risk company locations, but extending the process as appropriate to global outsourced contractors operations which are vital to the supply chain and business continuity processes.

Shipping Security Strategy and Review

By reviewing procedures for the transport of company product in the UK and abroad, and advising on strategies for risk reduction.

Supply Chain Risk Solutions

By a full analysis identifying the Key and Critical Suppliers, followed by comprehensive risk assessments of their locations, and development of failure continuity and recovery protocols. 

Business Continuity

Business Continuity projects can cover the full range of what is a holistic management process that:
identifies potential impacts which threaten your organisation
provides a framework for building resilience and effective response capability 
protects the interests of your company’s key stakeholders, value creating activities,
reputation and brand.

Fraud Management Planning and Fraud Investigation

By raising fraud awareness levels across your organisation, devising a comprehensive fraud response plan, and facilitating you in the thorough investigation of fraud related incidents


By undertaking all types of crime or suspected crime investigations wherever your company operates, whether an event has already occurred or whether preventative measures may be required to safeguard future company interests.


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