Resilience Business Limited

Why Prioritise Security?

Complexity and change are constant features of business today. Globalisation has changed the structure and pace of corporate life. New business practices lead to management from a distance and new forms of accountability, such as corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, challenge companies to match words with deeds.

At the same time, security risks have become more complex and many of the threats more difficult to manage. There is now a greater inter-dependence between a company’s risk portfolio and the way it does business. Certain types of behaviour can enhance or undermine operational capability and customer confidence.

Properly integrated security can support the risk-taking that is essential to successful business. Above all, it must embrace and contribute to a company’s key business concerns.

In trying to describe what security can bring to corporations in the 21st Century, put simply it is resilience in terms of its structures, strategies and operational procedures. Resilience not only makes companies safer, it contributes significantly to the bottom line, thus providing true competitive advantage.

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